WWJD? - Not Exclude Women in the Church - or Anyone Else

People Whom Jesus Praised

M = Man or Men, W = Woman or Women, B = Both M & W

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People Jesus Praised Reason M W B
Blind man
Script. Ref.:
Mark 10:46-52
his faith X
Canaanite woman
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 15:21-28
her great faith X
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 8:5-13
great faith X
Man of the crowd
Script. Ref.:
Mark 9:14-29
his belief X
Mary Magdalene
Script. Ref.:
Mark 16:9-13
(by implication): her love, faith and loyalty X
Mary of Bethany
Script. Ref.:
  1. 1. Luke 10:38-42
  2. 2. John 12:1-7
  1. 1. She chose the right thing.
  2. 2. Anointing His feet (foreshadowing anointing His body for burial)
Script. Ref.:
He had no deceit. X
Script. Ref.:
Mark 2:1-5
His faith X
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 16:13-19
God the Father had revealed Truth to Him. X
Poor widow
Script. Ref.:
Mark 12:41-44
her love and generosity X
Script. Ref.:
Mark 12:28-34
He answered wisely. X
Sinful woman
Script. Ref.:
Luke 7:36-50
She loved much and had faith. X
The 10th leper
Script. Ref.:
Luke 17:11-19
to thank Jesus for healing him. X
Thief on the Cross
Script. Ref.:
Luke 23:39-43
He repented. X
Two blind men
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 9:27-31
their faith X
Woman who anointed Jesus with fragrant oil
Script. Ref.:
Luke 7:36-50
She had done a good thing for Him. X
Woman with the 12-year flow of blood
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 9:18-22
her faith X
Script. Ref.:
Luke 19:1-10
He repented. X

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