WWJD? - Not Exclude Women in the Church - or Anyone Else

Individuals and Groups Whom Jesus Chastised

M = Man or Men, W = Woman or Women, B = Both M & W

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People Jesus Chastised Reason Result M W B
Chief Priests, Elders and Pharisees
Script. Ref.:
  1. Matt. 22:1-14
  2. Matt. 21:23-32
  3. Matt. 21:33-46
  1. unbelief
  2. not believing John the Baptist
  3. wickedness
  1. They would not inherit the Kingdom.
  2. They did not repent.
  3. They wanted to kill Him.
Cleopas and another follower of Christ going to Emmaus
Script. Ref.:
Luke 24:13-26
hardness of heart and slowness to believe the prophets They realized Who He was. X
evil generation of Jesus’ time
Script. Ref.:
Luke 9:29-32
rejecting Jesus’ preaching They were condemned. X
James and John (sons of Zebedee
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 20:20-28
self-centeredness, love of power, pride The other male disciples were displeased with them. X
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 23:37-39
Murder of prophets, rejection of Christ They will not enter the Kingdom of God. (Their house is desolate.) X
Jews or Many of the Jews
Script. Ref:
  1. John 5:37-47
  2. Matt. 23:13-36
  3. John 8 :31-59
  1. rejection of Jesus, unbelief
  2. Obstacles to others to enter the Kingdom, corrupting people, blind guides, hypocrites, looking clean on the outside but dirty on the inside, vipers, persecutors of the righteous
  3. unbelief,conceit from their heritage, seeking to kill Him, children of the Devil
  1. (not stated)
  2. They tried to stone Him.
  3. They tried to stone Him.
Judas Iscariot
Script. Ref.:
John 6:70-71
John 13:11-26
future betrayal Later he betrayed Him. X
Script. Ref.:
Luke 11:45-54
putting the Law above mercy, murdering prophets and apostles They were angry and tried to discredit Him. X
Male disciples
Script. Ref.:
  1. Matt. 16:5-12
  2. Matt. 17:14-21
  3. Matt. 18:1-5
  4. Matt. 26:6-16
  5. Luke 18:15-17
  6. Luke 24:36-47
  7. Luke 9:51-56
  1. little faith and slowness of understanding
  2. lack of faith
  3. self-centeredness, love of power, pride
  4. condemning a woman for putting Christ above the poor
  5. rebuked people bringing infants for Him to touch
  6. doubting Who He was
  7. lack of mercy toward the inhospitable Samaritan village
  1. They came to understand
  2. not stated
  3. not stated
  4. Judas Iscariot, at least, did not understand.
  5. not stated
  6. They came to recognize Him.
  7. They went with Him to the next village.
Martha of Bethany
Script. Ref.:
Luke 10”39-42
putting hospitality (kitchen duty) before leaning about God from Him Later she affirmed her faith (Luke 11:19-28) X
Money changers
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 21:12-13
cheating people in the temple, disrespecting the House of God They had to leave the temple. X
Nicodemus the Pharisee
Script. Ref.:
John 3:1-12
unbelief (not stated) X
People of Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 11:21-24
They would not repent for their sins, There is no evidence that they ever repented. X
People of Nazareth
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 13:54-58
unbelief and rejection of Him unrepentant (so He did not do mighty works for them) X
People of Nazareth
Script. Ref:
Luke 4: 24-27
unbelief They were angry with Him. X
Script. Ref.:
  1. Matt. 14:22-33
  2. Matt. 16:21-28
  3. Matt. 15:15-20
  4. Matt. 26:31-35
  1. little faith
  2. having his mind on worldly, human things, instead of things of God
  3. still did not understand
  4. He would deny Christ.
  1. Regained his faith
  2. not stated
  3. not stated
  4. He denied Christ.
Peter, James and John
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 26:36-41
sleeping instead of keeping watch They still slept. X
Script. Ref.:
  1. Matt. 12:1-8
  2. Matt. 12:22-37
  3. Matt. 12:9-14
  4. Matt. 15:10-14
  5. Matt. 9:6-13
  6. Matt. 22:15-22
  7. Matt. 23:1-12
  8. Matt. 19:1-12
  9. Luke 12:1
  10. John 9:40-41
  11. Luke 16:14-15
  12. John 8:15
  1. legalism (putting the religious law above mercy)
  2. being evil
  3. same as above
  4. They were blind leaders of the blind.
  5. lacked mercy
  6. hypocrisy
  7. hypocrisy (They do not do the things they put onto others.)
  8. hardness of heart
  9. hypocrisy
  10. willful sinfulness
  11. lovers of money
  12. judging according to the flesh, unbelief
  1. unknown
  2. They remained unrepentant.
  3. They plotted to kill Him.
  4. They remained spiritually lost.
  5. not stated
  6. They marveled and went away.
  7. They were not present.
  8. not stated
  9. They did not appear to repent.
  10. They were condemned.
  11. not stated
  12. did not appear to repent
Pharisees and lawyers
Script. Ref:
Luke 7:30-35
rejected the will of God X
Pharisees and Sadducees
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 16:1-4
hypocrisy Remained hard hearted X
Pharisees and Scribes
Script. Ref:
Luke 11:37-44
Hypocrisy and pride no evidence of repentance X
Script. Ref.:
John :14:8-10
unbelief (not stated) X
Rich, Full, Those who laugh now, Those who are praised
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 26:36-41
They valued worldly and self-centered things. They will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven... X
Rich young ruler
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 19:16-24
valuing material riches He went away sorrowful (did not repent),. X
Ruler of the synagogue
Script. Ref.:
hypocrisy He was put to shame. X
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 22:23-33
ignorance of the Scriptures They were astonished. X
Samaritan woman
Script. Ref:
John 4:16-39
having five husbands and sleeping with someone who was not her husband She believed that He was the Messiah and brought converts to Him. X
Script. Ref:
  1. Luke 20:45-47
  2. Matt. 9:4, 5
  3. Matt. 26:1-8
  1. pride, self-centeredness, lack of mercy and compassion
  2. thinking evil in their hearts
  3. thinking evil in their hearts
  1. not stated
  2. not stated
  3. unsure if they were among the multitudes who marveled and glorified God
Scribes and Pharisees
Script. Ref.:
  1. Matt. 12:38-45
  2. Matt. 23:13-36<
  3. Matt. 15:1-9
  4. John 8:3-11
  1. lack of faith
  2. hypocrisy, blind guides, showing off, fools, merciless, selfish
  3. teaching traditions of men as precepts of God and hypocrisy
  4. condemning an adulterous woman
  1. they did not repent.
  2. condemnation
  3. do not appear to have repented.
  4. They went away ashamed.
Self-righteous men
Script. Ref.:
Luke 18:9-14
justified themselves as righteous and despised others (not stated) X
Some of Jesus’ disciples (other than the 12)
Script. Ref.:
John 6:60-66
unbelief They left Him. X
Three young men
Script. Ref.:
Luke 9:57-62
did not put Him (God) first They did not follow Him. X
Twelve male disciples
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 8:26
lack of faith They marveled that He calmed the storm. X
Wealthy temple donors
Script. Ref.:
Mark 13:41-44
They gave only a small percentage of their wealth. do not appear to have changed X
Script. Ref.:
Matt. 18:6-9
offenses will be sent to hell X

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