WWJD? - Not Exclude Women in the Church - or Anyone Else

Women who were first in the time of Christ and the early Church

If the woman was in the Bible, put a scriptural reference.)
Note: Women among Paul’s first converts: Phoebe, Prisca, Junia, Euodia, Syntyche, Thekla

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Name The First Scripture, if Biblical
The Samaritan woman Person to whom Christ revealed that He was the Prophesied Messiah John 4:16-39
The Samaritan woman Christian missionary, (pre-Resurrection), converted people to Him John 4:16-39
Anna the Prophetess To proclaim Jesus as the Christ Luke 2:36-38
Mary of Bethany Person to anoint Him for burial John 12:7
Mary Magdalene Person to whom Christ appeared after the Resurrection Mark 16:9
Mary Magdalene Person to proclaim the Resurrection John 20:18
Lydia, the seller of purple Christian convert in Europe Acts 16:14, 40
Thekla (Thecla) First woman Christian martyr (not in Bible, lived in 1st Century A.D.)
The sinful woman Woman to anoint a king
(the King of Kings!)
Luke 7:36-50

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